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UPDATE: notebook.de unfortunately had to push their shipping date back to mid-July. This means I'll probably be doing an HP TouchPad review instead.

A lot of us are really excited about HP's brand new webOS smartphone, the Pre3. Luckily, it seems as if Germany is the country where the first shipments are hitting in late June. Having made my preorder, it means I will be one of the first to have the brand-spanking-new Pre3. And you know what THAT, in turn, means. A full review of the device!

So, when am I getting this highly-anticipated device? Well, if notebook.de phone support is to be believed, I will be receiving the Pre3 before June 28th...which is great, because I'm leaving for the states for 6 weeks on the 30th. For now you can spend the next few days drooling over the beautiful device to the right. Hopefully notebook.de will be able to stay true to their stated delivery date! Keep checking back in the next few days!


If you've ever seen The Big Bang Theory, there's one phrase you've been saying or secretly thinking to yourself ever since: "Bazinga!" With the new Bazinga app for HP webOS, you can take the precious moments with you and share them with others. But of course, we all know you want to pull one of your own classic practical jokes on your friends. That's where the big, beautiful orange button comes into play. Simply press it after pulling off your prank and watch your friends kick themselves with embarrassment.

This application is currently in development. While most of the main work is done, I am currently re-watching all BBT episodes to find those precious Bazinga moments. This is, of course, a long and tedious process, so please excuse the waiting period. You should, however, be able to purchase this app from the HP App Catalog by the end of June 2011! Until then, why not check out my FREE Chuck Knows Best app? Thanks for your patience! Bazinga!

Dwight k. schrute (&PRO)

You've gotta love Dwight Schrute. Sure, he's not the nicest guy around, but there's something about his character that just makes him...superior in every way. To celebrate his incredible skill and stunning features, we've dedicated TWO apps to him. Dwight Schrute and Dwight Schrute Pro are available for download in the HP webOS App Catalog!

The free version contains TONS of hilarious quotes from Dwight. If you'd like to hear Dwight say his great lines, Dwight Schrute Pro is the app for you! At only 99 cents, in addition great quotes, you'll receive 38(!!!) high quality soundsamples spoken by Dwight himself! Each soundclip has been adjusted to have loud, crisp sound from the phone's speaker. All these features are packed into a beautifully-designed app that'll bring some laughs to you and your fellow Office-fans! Click on the picture to the right to head on over to the App Catalog and get it! Watch the video. By the way, if you're running webOS 2.0 or higher...I'm giving out 20 promo codes, meaning you can get the PRO version for FREE!


Do you have a tough decision to make? Need a good laugh? Great! This app has both life advice and plenty of Chuck Norris facts. Ask him a question and he will answer with style and attitude. But what would a Chuck Norris app be without the facts? Right! That's why there are over 100 facts included, told straight from the man. You can trust Chuck to help you with your life. After all, Chuck Knows Best!

So, little guy/gal, be prepared for an unexpected roundhouse kick to the face as soon as you download this FREE application to your webOS phone. After installing the app, please take a moment to leave a positive review in the HP webOS App Catalg. This way you can support me in creating even more free apps that brighten your day a little bit. So what are you waiting for? Click on the app to the right and download Chuck Knows Best straight to your phone, FREE!


Remember those great little red and white name tags? Who doesn't love wearing them? Everyone loves them! So, don't show this app to your friends, as you'll likely never see your phone again! Once they discover the fun of making their own classic digital "Hello, my name is..." name tag and putting belittling names onto their friends, they won't want to give your phone back! So, be careful who you show this fun little app to!

So, what's the catch? There isn't one! In fact, this app is so awesome, it won't even cost you a penny! Go ahead and download it right now by clicking on the name tag to the right. If you'd like to support me and my app development, you can help by making a small donation directly from the app. Please note that I'm still working on automatic text resizing for the names, so any longer names will be cut off. Have fun!


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